Hi 👋

Welcome to my place on the web. (IPFS)

My name is Alex Reyes and I'm a student majoring in Computer Science at Penn State (class of 2021). Here's my email.


A few things about me:

  • I love to travel, explore new places, and snowboard
  • I love reading. Here's my goodreads where you can see what I've reading
  • I also enjoy writing
  • I've loved tech my whole life, and it's something I'm super passionate about
  • A fun fact about me is I used to live in Cape Verde, Africa

I like meeting new people! If you're reading this, send me a DM me on twitter


I will be @ Facebook as a TPM full time after graduation

A short history:

  • I interned @ Facebook as a TPM intern after my junior year (Summer 2020)
  • I interned @ Microsoft as a SWE intern after sophomore year (Summer 2019)
  • I interned @ Microsoft as an Explore intern after freshman year (Summer 2018)
  • I interned @ Listrak as a SWE intern after highschool (Summer 2017)

For more, connect with me on Linkedin


Things I've worked on for fun:

  • Quarantine Journal: a way to store your journal entries from the quarantine permanently on the blockchain. Write history
  • Personal site: The site you are on is one of my projects, and it's very much a work in progress
  • Personal Writing: I write frequently yet rarely post publicly

More on Github

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